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We are the information platform on the topic of crypto currencies, such as Bitcoin and Ether, and of course everything about crypto-mining. Furthermore, we can also offer products that allow you to easily enter the world of mining yourself. For example, together with our partners, we have developed product packages that enable everyone to enter this exciting, new world with a small commitment.

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How to generate bitcoins or ethers yourself


How to generate bitcoins or ethers yourself
Everywhere one knows this question: "Where can I buy Bitcoins?" The Internet is full of advertising to acquire cryptocurrencies, mostly aimed at making quick profits by buying and selling. When mining, however, you buy hardware and create the coins yourself. So you are much less dependent on what the current price is at the moment of buying a mining package , since you create more and more of that currency over time. Whether you then sell or hold them, you can always decide for yourself when to sell the mined BTC or ETH..

Frequently Asked Questions

At Friends of Cryptomining we would like to give you the opportunity to enter this exciting field without prior knowledge. It is important to us that you feel well informed and might be interested in our product packages.

We look forward to your questions! Maybe something is still not clear to you? Lots of miners have questions in the beginning. Write us for any question you might have and we will answer asap.

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Isn´t it cheaper to buy the hardware by yourself?

At first glance, you might think that buying a miner and operating at home is cheaper than hosted mining. A number of "hidden" costs for the acquisition and operation of a miner often do not make the bill open. Most traders do not include these costs and calculate them afterwards extra.

  • Customs duties: In the case of an international delivery, both customs duties and (import) VAT are to be paid in addition. These additional costs must be taken into account in your Miningrig.
  • Delivery times: There is always a supply bottleneck on the hardware market, which leads to delivery delays of several weeks and even months. Also, customs clearance through customs may take weeks. This will cause you to suffer a loss because you can not mine.
  • Cost of additional equipment: If you buy miner from major traders, you often need additional hardware, such as an extra power supply which complies with the country-specific regulations. This also applies to shelves and control units. All these factors increase the total price for your computing performance.
  • Setting up the system: When the hardware has arrived, you must set up it and configure it accordingly. Beginners often underestimate the time and the necessary know-how to bring the devices online and optimize them. Miners who had purchased the first ASICS needed days, if not weeks. The costs of your own time and the resulting costs, in which you do not mine, should be taken into account in your profitability calculation.
  • Maintenance costs: hardware failures, interruptions, or other non-availability will result in periods between seconds or weeks. If a unit fails, it must be returned to the manufacturer (please check with the manufacturer for a guarantee - often less than one year). This review alone is repeated for several weeks. guarantees 100% of the purchased computing power.
  • Power Supply: If you have run rigs at home, electricity costs will increase, apart from the heat generated and the generated noise. You should not underestimate this factor.
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What is a crypto currency?

Crypto currency is a digital currency that allows easy and quick online purchases and payments. The unique thing of crypto currency is its decentralization because there is neither a bank nor other intermediaries. This means that only the owner manages his crypto currencies.

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Mine Bitcoin for yourself

The best-known cryptocurrency and the one with the most attention is Bitcoin: Produce BTC coins yourself now and take advantage of our good package prices.

Produce Ethereum / Ether itself

Ethereum (blockchain technology) is also something new  and very exciting: In order to generate the ETH coins, we also offer hardware that enables you to generate this currency.