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FoCm is a new brand of Direct Cool AG based in Switzerland.

The location Switzerland is important to us and has been chosen for our customers due to the legal security which is a tradition in this country. In addition, Switzerland is very open to cryptocurrencies and the associated blockchain technology.

About Friends of Cryptomining

Friends of Cryptomining is a platform for anyone interested in the subject of cryptomining, meaning the creation and mining of cryptocurrencies. With this platform we want to enable you the entry into the world of crypto currencies and topics around the Blockchain, as well as offer products, which enable the direct start. Our goal is to present the sometimes complicated issues in a simple and understandable way.

For the products, that we offer through our partner, we have negotiated packages and conditions that we would like to pass on to you "like friends" would. It is important to us that we provide information and background knowledge, so that it is easier for you to get started and having the chance to be able to understand this topic. Besides being better informed. And know how has never hurt when it comes to money and opportunities. Don't you think?

Recieving news and understanding them.

Cryptocurrencies and everything related to Blockchain is still relatively new. The media thus have a very polarizing theme now, that can be conveyed in one way or another. Some demonize everything, others sing praises as if this is the solution to all human problems now. In this field of tension, there are now all those who are aware of the topic Bitcoin, Ethereum and Co. What should one believe as of now? A situation that might  be scary to some, but at least makes them unsettled. Here we want to support and find the right balance.

We believe in the concepts around the blockchain, but not every thing, any new application or new currency is immediately great. On the contrary, in case of doubt we prefer to stay away from euphoria.

Achieving more together by using good conditions


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Start now: Do cryptocurrencies yourself

Mine Bitcoin for yourself

The best-known cryptocurrency and the one with the most attention is Bitcoin: Produce BTC coins yourself now and take advantage of our good package prices.

Produce Ethereum / Ether itself

Ethereum (blockchain technology) is also something new  and very exciting: In order to generate the ETH coins, we also offer hardware that enables you to generate this currency.